Kim Jeong-jwa

인고의 꽃 - 옻칠화

전시기간 2020.05.19 - 2020.06.18
  • 전시소개
    • 인고의 꽃
      - 옻칠화 (The Ottchil Artwork)
      5.19.Tue - 6.18.Thu

      옻칠화의 제작과정은 무척 까다롭고 긴 시간을 요한다
      옻칠은 습도와 온도에 민감하고 제 색으로 발색되기까지 계속 색변화를 보이며
      또 다른 예민한 변수들이 여럿 있기에 한 작품을 탄생시키기까지
      작가의 인내와 고뇌와 수고는 대단하다
      긴 시간과 작가의 인내와 고뇌가 만들어 낸
      곱고 품위 있는 꽃

      그 그윽한 향을 피워보렵니다

      The Invitational Exhibition by
      Kim Jeong-jwa

      The production process of the Ottchil Artwork is extremely complicated and requires a very long time to complete itself.
      Ottchil (lacquer painting) depends largely on the temperature and humidity, continues to show the changes in its colors, and also contains several other variables, which leads to the enormous amount of patience, agony, and effort of the artist to create a single artwork.
      The Ottchil Artwork is the beautiful flower with elegance, blossomed by an extensive amount of time as well as patience and agony of the artist.
      Now, its profound fragrance is about to bloom.